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Short Stories - Harry Chapin Web Site
Billboard & AMG Reviews

Billboard & AMG
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1985
Release Info: Elektra 60413

1. WOLD.
2. Any Old Kind of Day
3. Cat's in the Cradle
4. 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
5. Taxi
6. She is Always Seventeen
7. Circle
8. Sunday Morning Sunshine
9. I Wanna Learn a Love Song
10. Better Place to Be
11. Song Man
AMG Review
A fine summing-up, it features "Cat's in the Cradle," "Taxi," and others. Dan Heilman
Billboard & AMG
The Gold Medal Collection
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1988
Release Info: Elektra
Album Time: 140:03

1. Taxi. 6:44
2. Sunday Morning Sunshine, 3:30
3. Old College Avenue, 4:25
4. Dirty Old Man, 1:25
5. I Wanna Learn a Love Song, 4:19
6. Cat's in the Cradle, 3:44
7. Tangled up Puppet, 3:42
8. Dancing Boy, 3:40
9. Thanksgiving Hunger Drives, 0:47
10. Flowers Are Red, 5:01
11. She Sings Songs Without Words, 3:31
12. Shooting Star, 4:02
13. Winter Song, 2:30
14. Story of a Life, 5:15
15. Commitment and Pete Seeger, 1:47
16. There Only Was One Choice, 14:00
17. Better Place to Be, 7:35
18. Mail Order Annie, 4:52
19. Performing, 0:30
20. W.O.L.D., 4:46
21. Mr. Tanner, 4:45
22. Corey's Coming, 5:38
23. Child is Born, 0:30
24. Sniper, 9:50
25. Calluses, 0:41
26. Rock,4:15
27. Dance Band on the Titanic, 5:11
28. I Wonder What Would Happen to This World, 3:28
29. Sequel, 6:35
30. My Grandfather, 1:45
31. Remember When the Music (Reprise), 3:50
32. Circle, 7:30
Creative Multimedia Review
Every parent or child of the 1970s may still get a bit misty eyed when hearing "Cats in the Cradle," the classic story of a father who regrets having not spent enough time with his son. That song is included in this collection of work from the late Harry Chapin.
Billboard & AMG
Greatest Stories - Live
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1976
Release Info: Elektra 2-6003

1. Dreams Go By
2. W.O.L.D.
3. Saturday Morning
4. I Wanna Learn a Love Song
5. Mr. Tanner
6. A Better Place to Be
7. Let Time Go Lightly
8. Cat's in the Cradle
9. Taxi
10. Circle
11. 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
12. The Shortest Story
Billboard Review: 4/24/1976
Chapin's unique story songs fill four sides in this on-location/studio project. Eleven of the cuts were done in San Diego, Santa Monica and Berkeley. The final three tracks are studio dates with "'Love Is Just Another Word," one of the studio songs, a newly emerged powerful package with six of the 14 cuts well known. Chapin uses between seven to 10 players in the various settings, and the live dates have the inexorable element of a delicate immediacy sometimes lacking in studio dates. Brothers Tom and Steve play guitar and keyboards, respectively, and add their soft voices to that of brother Harry, which is both soft and vitally gutsy. Best cuts: 'WOLD," "Taxi," "Love Is Just Another Word," "Cats In The Cradle," "Circle."
Billboard & AMG
Heads & Tales
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 3/1972
Release Info: Elektra 2-75023,1971
1. Could You Put Your Light On, Please, 4:30
2. Greyhound, 5:45
3. Everybody's Lonely, 4:07
4. Sometime, Somewhere Wife, 4:58
5. Empty, 2:57
6. Taxi, 6:44
7. Any Old Kind of Day, 4:56
8. Dogtown, 7:30
9. Same Sad Singer, 4:12
AMG Review: Chapin's breakthrough album included "Taxi." Dan Heilman
Billboard Review: 3/4/1972:Harry Chapin, on two particular cuts on this debut album, explodes with vast musical depth and power beyond 90 percent of the major acts in all music today - "Taxi" and "Dogtown." With all of the sweep of classical music, yet the vibrant surge of rock, Chapin performs two masterpieces. A great album. Chapin is destined to become a music legend. Fast.
Billboard & AMG
Legends of the Lost & Found
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1979
Release Info: Elektra

Stranger With The Melodies
The Day They Closed The Factory Down
Pretzel Man
If My Mary Were Here
Old Folkie
Get On With It
We Were Three
Poor Damned Fool
Flowers Are Red
Mail Order Annie
Odd Job Man
Legends Of The Lost And Found
Tangled Up Puppet
Corey's Coming
You Are The Only Song
Billboard Review: 9/22/1979: Chapin enjoyed solid sales several years ago on "Greatest Stories Live" and here he is again presented in concert doing 10 new songs and six old favorites. Chapin is best as a live performer, working the audience with his charming, self-effacing comments, and these moments are among the highlights here. Chapin is backed by a five-man band on this album, recorded at eight cities throughout the Western U.S. Best cuts: "Corey's Coming," "If My Mary Were Here," "Stranger With The Melodies."
Billboard & AMG
Living Room Suite
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1978
Release Info: Elektra 142,1978

1. Dancin' Boy
2. If You Want to Feel
3. Poor Damned Fool
4. I Wonder What Would Happen to This World
5. Jenny
6. It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains
7. Why Do Little Girls
8. Flowers Are Red
9. Somebody Said
Billboard Review: 6/24/1978: Even if the songs here are a bit less story oriented, this is still vintage Harry Chapin - warm, melodic, personal and humanistic. Though Chapin says most of the songs on the LP were recorded in only a few takes, nevertheless Chapin and his band play so well together the sound is seamless and full on even the more folk-oriented songs. Joining Chapin on this is brother Tom Chapin as well as such other guests as the Cowsills and the Dixie Mockingbirds on a gospel song. Best cuts: "Why Do Little Girls," "I Wonder What Would Happen To This World," "It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains."
Billboard & AMG
On the Road to Kingdom Come
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1976
Release Info: Elektra 1082,1976

1. On the Road to Kingdom Come
2. The Parade's Still Passing By
3. The Mayor of Candor Lied
4. Laugh Man
5. Corey's Coming
6. If My Mary Were Here
7. FaIl in Love with Him
8. Caroline
9. Roll Down the River
Billboard Review: 10/16/1976: The man who hasn't missed the top 100 in four years despite a spotty singles track record follows his recent live set with his first studio set in over a year. Again the intricate twists and turns in the story lines and the surprise endings make Chapin the 0. Henry of pop. Happily balancing Chapin's occasional tendency to get maudlin and heavy-handed is the use of festive, often novel, light pop arrangements. Many of these songs have been featured in Chapin's live show this summer. Best cuts: "Corey's Coming," "If My Mary Were Here," "Laugh Man," "The Mayor Of Candor Lied," "On The Road To Kingdom Come."
Billboard & AMG
Portrait Gallery
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1975
Release Info: Elektra 1041,1975

1. Dreams Go By
2. Tangled up Puppet
3. Star Tripper
4. Babysitter
5. Someone Keeps Calling My Name
6. The Rock
7. Sandy
8. Dint Gets Under the Fingernails
9. Bummer
10. Stop Singing These Sad Songs
Billboard Review: 9/27/1975: Another fine selection of story songs from one of the master storytellers of the pop world, but a set that he seems to have exercised a bit more self control with than on past efforts. There are several long narratives dealing with rather depressing subjects, but the fact that there are only several is a pleasant surprise. Harry used to fill whole albums with these and as good as they are one can get tired of hearing of snipers for 45 minutes. Here we find some good love stories, a nostalgic look at childhood, a song that seems like a melodic "Space Oddity," and a good piece of Americana. One rather ominous tale of a miserable life works well. Still, a better balance than ever before, more melodic backup instrumentals and generally easier to listen to vocals from Chapin. A cliché, but more commercial than other LPs. Best cuts: "Dreams Go By," "Star Tripper," "Babysitter," "Bummer," "Dint Gets Under His Fingernails," "Stop Singing Those Sad Songs."
Billboard & AMG
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1980
Release Info: Boardwalk 36872,1980

1. Sequel
2. I Miss America
3. Story of a Life
4. Remember When the Music
5. Up on the Shelf
6. Salt and Pepper
7. God Babe, You've Been Good for Me
8. Northwest 222
9. I Finally Found It Sandy
10. Remember When the Music - Reprise
Billboard Review: 10/25/1980: Nobody tells better stories in song than Harry Chapin. In this new LP, his first for the new Boardwalk label, he starts out with the sequel to his famous "Taxi" song, and goes on from there through eight other songs that show off his narrative abilities, his warm and sensitive voice, and a beautiful tasteful production. This is soft rock at its best, perfect for all formats, and, with hitmaker Neil Bogart at the helm of the label, this showcase effort should bring Chapin his rightful due. Best cuts: "Sequel," "Remember The Music," "Northwest 222," "Salt And Pepper."
Billboard & AMG
Short Stories
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 1974
Release Info: Elektra 75065,1973

1. Song for Myself
2. Mail Order Annie
3. Changes
4. Mr. Tanner
5. Old College Avenue
6. Short Stories
7. Song Man
8. There's A Lot of Lonely People
9. They Call Her Easy
10. W. 0. L. D.
Billboard Review: 12/11/973: Get out your hankie for Harry is back with another LP of sad stories. It is his penchant for creating lengthy word pictures, of people and situations which are gray and raw edged. Among the unusual topics that Harry and his finely honed quartet offer are: an AM/FM disk jockey who makes extra money doing high school sock hops; a song to his wife because "Leon, Elton and Bernie wrote one" (with a parody of Elton's piano playing and Dee Murray's drumming); a dry cleaner from Dayton who wants to be a singer ("Mr. Tanner"'). The lead song asks a lot of "have you ever" questions.
Billboard & AMG
Sniper & Other Love Songs
Harry Chapin
Release Date: 10/1972
Release Info: Elektra 75042,1972

1. Sunday Morning Sunshine
2. And the Baby Never Cries
3. Burning Herself
4. Barefoot Boy
5. Better Place to Be
6. Circle
7. Woman Child
8. Winter Song
9. Sniper
Billboard Review: 10/21/1972: This is another masterpiece, just like the first Harry Chapin LP. "The Sniper," based on the University of Texas incident, hits you on target in the solar plexus. Other tunes recommended include 'Better Place to Be" and "And the Baby Never Cries." A thematic LP guaranteed to sell.
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